About Videology Imaging Solutions, Inc.

About Videology

VIDEOLOGY IMAGING SOLUTIONS is an OEM manufacturer of industrial-grade video cameras and related devices, systems and software. Our cameras are used in a broad spectrum of applications including surveillance, gaming, law enforcement, life sciences, aerospace, machine vision, biometrics and diagnostic imaging.

Videology specializes in meeting the custom requirements of OEMs and large-scale integrators. We are continuously developing new products, from conventional analog CCD & CMOS cameras to USB & Internet Protocol (IP) systems.

Our products are integrated by OEM customers into systems across North America and Europe.

Videology is ISO 9001 registered and has manufactured cost-effective imaging equipment at our United States facility since 1991.

Videology's Core Capabilities Include:

  • Designing custom interface circuitry, PC boards, and mechanical assemblies
  • Creating customized software and firmware
  • Providing SDKs with USB and IP product designs

Videology translates market requirements into technical specifications.

A deep knowledge of video imaging technologies, human visual perception, and the science of colors and lighting enable our engineers to capitalize on the capabilities of the most recent imaging technologies.

We also recognize the limits of individual technologies and are able to quickly refine a specification, achieving optimal product performance at the lowest possible cost.

We private label, providing the imaging component of your branded product, and create custom packaging.

Inside Videology's fully equipped laboratories every aspect of camera imaging and software functionality is measured and tested, ensuring specified, consistent performance in the final product.

Our Greenville RI, USA facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This year we will produce 150,000+ units. Call or email to discuss how our imaging technologies can integrate with your OEM applications.