AC/DC Power Converter for Video

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  • Powers color and monochrome board cameras
  • Optional DC auto iris circuit
  • Gives low cost monochrome cameras the line-lock function of higher cost board cameras

The Campower AC power board is a galvanically isolated 24VAC to 12VDC power supply designed for powering color and monochrome board cameras from Videology as well as most cameras from other manufacturers.

Additionally, the 60PB24V Series board offers the option of a DC auto iris circuit, the generation of a line-lock pulse from the AC zero crossing with phase adjust for line-lock capable board cameras, and a special AC oscillator line-lock circuit for the 20VC3617 series that allows the low cost monochrome camera to have the line-lock functionality of higher cost board cameras.

Input AC 12 to 28V - 50/ 60 Hz
DC 10.8 to 39V
Output +12VDC 12V +/- 0.25 ~ 250 mA max
+5VDC 5V +/- 5% ~ 85 mA max
Note: Total current may not exceed 250 mA
Efficiency Load 3W 61%
Load 2W 70%
EMC Test EN55022 Conducted & Radiated Interface Test
Dimensions WxHxD 42mm x 42mm x 20mm
Optional Models
Optional Model Description
60PB24V 24VAC - 12VDC Basic converter board
60PB24VL Line lock circuit
60PB24VD DC Iris circuit
60PB24VDL Line lock DC Iris circuit
60PB24VDLC Crystal for use with 20VC36 sensor
60PB24 pinouts